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Kama Sutra Bath Gel and Bath Products

Transform a simple bath into an nourishing
and revitalized experience.

Kama Sutra Wild Clove Bathing Gel - KS10004
Kama Sutra Wild Clove Bathing Gel
A spicy bathing gel that leaves a glow of warmth over your body. Try something spicy, a shower or bath with Kama Sutra's silky, clove scented bathing gel. Kama Sutra Wild Clove Bathing Gel invigorates the body with an exhilarating freshness and leaves a glow of warmth behind.
Item: KS10004
Price: 10.95
Kama Sutra Mint Tree Bathing Gel - KS10009
Kama Sutra Mint Tree Bathing Gel
A refreshing bathing gel that cools and tingles. Legend says that the mint plant grows into a tree only after a great deal of time and care, the same attention paid to the process of creating Kama Sutra Mint Tree Bathing Gel. Blended from pure invigorating mint, ten pure vegetable oils and wheat germ rich Vitamin E, this refreshing cleanser cools, tingles, and transforms a shower or bath into a keenly sensual experience.
Item: KS10009
Price: 10.95
Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea Bath Salts - KS10010
Kama Sutra Treasures Of The Sea Bath Salts
Make the perfect gift for an evening of romance and intimacy, or when you just want to pamper that special someone.
Item: KS10010
Price: 17.95
Kama Sutra Tangy Citrus Bathing Gel - KS10080
Kama Sutra Tangy Citrus Bathing Gel
Bathing in luxury! Splash into juicy freshness with the delicious sweet aroma of Kama Sutra's Tangy Citrus Luxury Bathing Gel. Lively and succulent fruit essences blended with ten pure vegetable oils protect the skin and create a zesty, invigorating lather to add a vivacious zip to your shower or bath. Sweetly nourish your skin!
Item: KS10080
Price: 10.95
Kama Sutra Ocean Blu Bathing Gel - KS10085
Kama Sutra Ocean Blu Bathing Gel
Bathing in luxury! Let the refreshing memory of a day at the shore wash over you and linger lightly on your body. Ocean Blu Luxury Bathing Gel turns a bath or shower into a seaside escape, blending skin-protecting vegetable oils and conditioning Vitamin E to create a frothy, cleansing lather as fragrant and invigorating as an ocean breeze. Rejuvenate with a fresh ocean scent!
Item: KS10085
Price: 10.95
Kama Sutra Spa Pleasures Gift Collection - KS10115
Kama Sutra Spa Pleasures Gift Collection
Relax as you immerse yourself in a Kama Sutra bath and your cares drift away. Inspired by ocean freshness, this gift set features everything to set a romantic or relaxing mood.
Item: KS10115
Price: 18.95
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