Kama Sutra Lovers Paintbox Set
- Brush it on anywhere and let it work its magic.
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Kama Sutra Lovers Paintbox Set


Item: KS0043
Kama Sutra Lovers Paintbox Set KS0043 - For those who think chocolate is better than sex, here is a way to indulge in your two favorite passions at once. Open the lid of this beautiful box and behold three generous jars of delicious chocolate body paints. Brush this incredibly rich treat onto someone you love to love, then create a delicious masterpiece on any part of the body.

Kama Sutra Lovers Paintbox Set Contains: 2 oz each of Kama Sutra dark, milk and white chocolate body paints and a body paintbrush to create your masterpiece.

Gift Wrapping and Gift Cards available for all Kama Sutra Products.

Note: Refrigerate after opening; To reheat, microwave briefly on a low setting or immerse the jar in warm water - if there Is any left over!

Made in USA.
Features : 4 PC SET
Category: Kama Sutra Products, Kama Sutra Gift Sets
Kama Sutra Lovers Paintbox Set manufactured by: The Kama Sutra Company

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Kama Sutra Lovers Paintbox Set - KS0043
  Inspired by the ancient Indian guide to lovemaking, the Kama Sutra Company developed a line of products to help loving couples create joyful experiences of intimacy and pleasure. For more than thirty years, these edible oils, creams, powders and other sensual potions have been seducing lovers the world over. Experience for your self the heartfelt passions of Kama Sutra.
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